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Plenary Speakers

Theo Rasing, Radboud University

All-optical manipulation of magnetism: from fundamentals to brain-inspired computing


Bernard Dieny, Spintec

STT-MRAM adoption in microelectronics: what can we expect next?


Claudia Felser, Max Planck Institute

Magnetic Weyl Semimetals!


Alberto Morpurgo, University of Geneva

2D Magnetic Materials


Tobias Knopp, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf

Magnetic Particle Imaging: Physical Principles and Medical Applications



Semi-plenary Speakers

Elena Lomonova, TU Eindhoven

Advanced Multi-degrees of freedom Electromagnetic Actuators


Dirk Grundler, EPFL

Coherent nanomagnonics based on thin yttrium iron garnet


Johan Akerman, Gottenberg KTH

2D mutually synchronized spin Hall nano-oscillator arrays for highly coherent microwave signal generation and neuromorphic computing


Mathias Klaui, Johannes Gutenberg-University

Antiferromagnetic Insulatronics: Spintronics without magnetic fields and moving electrons


Joaquín Rossier, INL

CrI3, a wonder 2D ferromagnet


Beena Kalisky, Bar-Ilan University

Imaging phase transitions with scanning SQUID

Shunsuke Fukami, Tohoku University

Artificial neural networks with analog or probabilistic spintronics devices


Stefano Sanvito, Trinity Colege Dublin

The long way to magnetic materials design run it fast


Suzanne G.E. te Velthuis, Argonne National Laboratory

Magnetic Spin Textures in Thin-Film Heterostructures


Vincent Jacques, Laboratoire Charles Coulomb, Université de Montpellier and CNRS

Exploring antiferromagnetic order at the nanoscale with a single spin microscope


Wolfgang Wernsdorfer, KIT and CNRS - 2020 EMA Dominique Givord Award

Operating quantum states in individual magnetic molecule



Special Technical Session: building bridges with magnetic technology


Dirk Meyners, Kiel University

Magnetostrictive thin film based strain and magnetic field sensors


Martijn Heck, Aarhus University

Spintronic-photonic integrated circuit platform for memory applications

Bryan Cadugan, Allegro Microsystems

Bringing institute-level research to volume production


Special Session: gender & diversity in science

Mina Stareva, DG Research and Innovation - European Commission













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