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List of Symposia

1. Biomagnetism and Biomedical Applications

2. Magnetic Information Storage and MRAM

3. Magnetic sensors and hybrid integration of magnetic technologies

4. Magnetization dynamics, spin waves and magnonics

5. Ultrafast laser induced magnetization dynamics and terahertz spintronics (including Magneto Optical phenomena)

6. Spin-based quantum technologies

7. Domain walls, Skyrmions and spin-orbit related phenomena

8. Spin-transfer based phenomena and devices

9. Novel 2D magnetic systems and heterostructures

10. Magnetism in molecular/ionic /organic based systems

11. Magnetic based metrology tools and techniques

12. Antiferromagnetic spintronics

13. Magnetic materials and technologies for energy applications

14. Multifunctional magnetic materials

15. Strongly correlated systems and frustrated and disordered magnetism

16. Magnetic thin-films, interfaces and multilayers

17. Magnetism based post-von-Neumann computation















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