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List of Symposia

1. Biomagnetism and Biomedical Applications
Co-chairs: Montserrat Rivas,Ricardo Bertacco

2. Magnetic Information Storage and MRAM
Co-chairs: Christoph Adelmann, Robert Carpenter

3. Magnetic sensors and hybrid integration of magnetic technologies
Co-chairs: Susana Cardoso; Dieter Suess

4. Magnetization dynamics, spin waves and magnonics
Co-chairs: Oksana Chubykalo-Fesenko, Gleb Kakazei

5. Ultrafast laser induced magnetization dynamics and terahertz spintronics (including Magneto Optical phenomena)
Co-chairs: Davide Bossini; Andrei Kiriliouk

6. Spin-based quantum technologies
Chair: Vítor Amaral

7. Domain walls, skyrmions and spin-orbit related phenomena
Co-chairs: Rolf Allenpach, Katharina Zeissler

8. Spin-transfer based phenomena and devices
Co-chairs: Alex Jenkins, Andrey Timopheev

9. Novel 2D magnetic systems and heterostructures
Chair: Efren Navarro-Moratalla

10. Magnetism in molecular/ionic /organic based systems
Co-chairs: Nicola Morley, José Carvalho Paixão

11. Magnetic based metrology tools and techniques
Co-chairs: Brian Hickey, Massimo Pasquale

12. Antiferromagnetic spintronics
Chair: Peter Oppeneer

13. Magnetic materials and technologies for energy applications
Co-chairs: Franca Albertini, André Pereira

14. Multifunctional magnetic materials
Co-chairs: Nicoleta Lupu, Manuel Vazquez

15. Strongly correlated systems and frustrated and disordered magnetism
Co-chairs: António Pereira Gonçalves, Naëmi Leo

16. Magnetic thin-films, interfaces and multilayers
Co-chairs: Fanny Beron, Bernardo Almeida, Piotr Wiśniowski

17. Magnetism based post-von-Neumann computation
Co-chairs: Flávio Abreu Araújo, João Ventura







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