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Grants and Awards

Student Travel Grants

The European Magnetism Association (EMA) has supported the attendance of students to JEMS2020 Virtual conference. Congratulations to the awardees:


Álvaro Díaz-García        

Abstract ID 3680: Deconvolution of overlapping phase transitions in composites using the universal scaling of the magnetocaloric effect   

Bhavishya Chowrira Poovanna

Abstract ID 3708: Spintronic harvesting of thermal fluctuations on paramagnetic molecular centers

Dario Fiore Mosca         

Abstract ID 4105: Interplay between multipolar spin interactions, Jahn-Teller effect and electronic correlation in a J_eff = 3/2 insulator  

Darja Gacnik    

Abstract ID 3700: The Effect of the Phase Structure on Superconductivity in TiZrHf-Sn-X (X = Fe, Cu, Ni, Nb) Alloys

Miroslav Hennel            

Abstract ID 4155: Magnetocaloric properties of Ni54Fe19Ga23X4 Heusler glass-coated microwires doped by X = B, Al, Ga, In    

Paul Foulquier 

Abstract ID 3953: Evolution of the electronic structure at the magnetic transition in layered iridates upon doping


Qais Ali

Abstract ID 4278: Ab-initio informed Monte Carlo simulation of rare-earth based alloys

Silvia Damerio 

Abstract ID 3547: Structure and magnetic properties of epitaxial CaFe2O4 thin films      


Sofia Ferreira-Teixeira  

Abstract ID 4019: Spin to charge conversion in topological insulator Sb2Te3 sputtered thin films towards magnetisation switching devices


Young Researchers Grants

JEMS2020 organization has supported the attendance of young researchers to the Virtual conference. Congratulations to the awardees:


Claudio Bonizzoni          

Abstract ID 4000: Storage and Retrieval of Microwave Pulses with Molecular Spin Ensembles

Liliia Kulish       

Abstract ID 3639: Structure and Frustrated Magnetism of Layered Alkali Manganites      

Luis M. Moreno-Ramírez            

Abstract ID 3583: Kinetics of the thermomagnetic transition in La(Fe,Si)13 alloys using the Bean-Rodbell model

Sandra Ruiz Gomez       

Abstract ID 3784: Advanced magnetic microscopy at the ALBA Synchrotron


Best Poster

Congratulations to the awardees: 

Adrian Gudin

Abstract ID 3831: Spin Orbit driven effects and thermal activation of ferromagnet intercalated graphene-heavy metal Interfaces

Christin Schmitt

Abstract ID 3653: Current induced switching of the Néel vector in CoO(001)/Pt bilayers


Danijela Markovic

Abstract ID 4247: Easy-plane spin Hall oscillators as spiking neurons for neuromorphic computing

Fernando Franco

Abstract ID 4033: Optimization of asymmetric reference structures through non-evenly layered synthetic antiferromagnet for Full bridge magnetic sensors based on CoFeB/MgO/CoFeB


Khulaif Alshammari

Abstract ID 4219: Varying Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya constant with temperature in ultrathin Pt/Co(Fe)B/Ir films


Iuliia Alekhina

Abstract ID 4236: Radial dependence of circular magnetic permeability of amorphous magnetic microwires

Jan Fikácek

Abstract ID 3618: Disorder-induced time effect in the antiferromagnetic domain state of Fe1+xTe


Jan Masell

Abstract ID 4160: Manipulating the helical phase of chiral magnets with electric currents

Juan Manuel Gomez-Perez

Abstract ID 3627: Comparison of the magnon diffusion length for electrically and thermally excited magnons in 2-µm-thick Y3Fe5O12

Nicola Morley

Abstract ID 4126: High Entropy Alloys: The next big thing in soft magnetic alloys

Ondrej Hovorka

Abstract ID 4001: Distributed heat production in clusters of magnetic nanoparticles

Vojtech Schánilec

Abstract ID 3967: Bypassing dynamical freezing and accessing low-energy microstates in artificial kagome ice

Xiaodong Zhang

Abstract ID 3910: Selective Fe substitution by Mn in the high-Tc YBaCuFeO5 spiral multiferroic









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